Water Leakage Issues in the Air Conditioner

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Water Leakage Issues

The number of houses that do not employ an air conditioner will be really scarce these days. Similarly, air conditioners have become a necessary amenity in the workplace, hospitals, hotels, etc. So, any issue with air conditioners will be really annoying.

One of the most common issues that you may face in this case will be the water leakage. People use to keep tumblers or bucket below their AC units in order to prevent their expensive floor mats from getting wet. However, this is not a solution for the water leakage issue in your air conditioner. In order to get a long-term and appropriate solution for this, you must first understand the cause of the problem. Below are some of the possible causes for water leakage in your air conditioner unit.

Faulty AC Installation

One of the main reasons for water leakage from the AC is the incorrect installation of the unit. Note that an AC must be mounted in such a way that its backside is a little lower than its front side; it must have a difference of 1 inch at least. In case the front end is too lower when compared to its rear end, the condensed water will drop out through the front side of the AC rather than its back.

Air Leakage

The air conditioners must be sealed properly. Otherwise, the warm air from the outside will flow into the unit. Then, the cold air inside the AC will condense the moisture that is present in the warm air. As a result of the excess moisture buildup and the condensation process inside the AC unit, water tends to leak out from it. Hence, make sure that your AC unit is sealed well during the installation.

Lower Outside Temperature

When the outside temperature is low, the amount of water that evaporates will also become less. This will cause excess water buildup within the AC unit and it will leak out. So, it is better to avail professional help at times like the onset of winter, rainy season, etc., in order to keep your air conditioner in good condition.

Jammed Drainage

Another possible cause for water leakage in AC is a blocked drainage. Sometimes, dirt and dust may block the holes at the backside of your AC unit and this will prevent the moisture within the unit from going out. As a result, an excess moisture buildup occurs within the system, and it results in water leakage through the front end of the AC. In order to avoid this water pooling, it is recommended to clean the filters and drain holes in your AC regularly.